Napa Valley Transportation

There are shuttle buses that run between the Oakland and San Francisco airports and the city of Napa or the city of Santa Rosa. Once you get there you will need transportation to Calistoga (about a 30 min drive to either city). You can take a bus, hire a private car, take a taxi (reserve ahead), or rent a car in Napa to continue to Calistoga. From Santa Rosa you will need to hire a taxi, private car or rent a car as there is no public transportation from Santa Rosa at this time.

There is a bus you can take from Napa to Calistoga, and it departs just across the street from the bus station for the bus that brings you to Napa from San Francsico or Oakland Airport.

Another alternative to travel from Calistoga from Napa or Santa Rosa would be to rent a car in Napa, or hire a taxi.

Evans Transportation
Shuttle bus service that runs between SFO and Napa or Oakland Airport and Napa. Cost as of 10/10 is $29 per person. Check for current pricing and schedule.

Napa Valley Vine
The bus service that runs between Napa and Calistoga. They have a line called the Vine Route 10 which goes between Calistoga and the Vallejo Ferry Building. It stops in Napa right across the street from the Evans Transportation so you can take Evans Shuttle to Napa and then take the Vine 10 to Calistoga and back again.

Check the schedules at:
(Select Rt 10 Calistoga/Vallejo from the pull down menu).
707-255-7631 or 800-696-6443

Public Transportation
It is possible to take public transportation form both the Oakland and San Francisco Airports all the way to Calistoga. The Route 29 Commuter Express runs between Napa and the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station in the early morning hours and in the late afternoon. Riders can take BART from the OAK or SFO airports to the Del Norte BART station and then take the Vine 29 bus to Vallejo or Napa and then onto Calistoga on either the 29 or the Rt. 10 Calistoga/Vallejo bus.

For more information and schedules go to:
Napa County Transportation Agency
707-255-7631 or 800-696-6443